Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Funny Things in LIfe!

A friend just reminded me that I have been too Deep and was wondering where  the humorous Sandy is ! Well, I'm in here somewhere! Strange but true, these little weird things that I write just pop into my mind and I have to write it somewhere! On the funny side...Have you looked into the mirror lately? Well, I have looked into the mirror and I'm not seeing that savvy little chick that I used to be! I see someone with wrinkles, sagging boobs, a saggy ass, and a stomach that has held three kicking babies! My pipes are a little rusty also, but I'm not going there! I'd have to have a couple of glasses of wine or beer to talk about all of those pipes! Lets just say that I keep the toilet paper very near and dear to my heart and ass! Aleve is also a BFF of mine for all of the little aches and pains that I have encountered! Who said that women grow old gracefully? Yes, we can grow old gracefully with lots of plastic surgery, but I'm a nurse and I don't trust those crazy docs out there! So, cheers to growing old, cheers to toilet paper, cheers to aleve, and cheers to my dear friends who love me in spite of all my sags and weaknesses in life! 
I worked at a cancer center for 3 years. It was there that I made friends of all ages, it was there that I said goodbye to so many important people. When I say important, I don't mean someone with lots of money, I don't mean a VP of a big company! When I say important, I mean someone with  a good heart, and a beautiful soul. So many people walked in that door for hope, a promise of a new tomorrow, and yet, others walked in that door not knowing that  they were so close to entering heavens door. Do I believe in heaven or hell? Well, I will say yes, because I don't think one can exist without the other. I would like to think my friends are in an important or better place than we are. Were they scared? Yes, they were scared as hell! They were more scared to leave us here, rather than being scared of the unknown. The ones that have passed, I will remember them always..........they have taught me so much about life! The ones that I just so happen to see every-now-and-then, their smile just lights up a room when we see one another. Right now I'd like to believe that I can make my life my heaven or hell. Right now I'm living in heaven....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!