Monday, October 19, 2009

The Shoe-less Child

Monday night is the usual religion night for little Ethan! Tonight we lost track of time, so Andre and Ethan ran out the door and hopped in the jeep so Ethan could go to class! Tonight was no special night until I was greeted in the parent pick up line by his religion teacher ! Kelly said, "tell momma what she did"? Then kelly proceeded to tell me that Ethan came to class without shoes, and he's the first kid to do that in the history of religion! I drove home breathless only because I couldn't stop laughing, then laughed harder when Ethan said he didn't know he didn't have shoes on until his feet hit the cold floor of the building! What's even more funny is that We had an Uncle Joe who would tease me and my sister for fighting over shoes, so when our first sons were born, he bought them each a pair of shoes so they would not fight. As news spread throughout Vacherie, Uncle Joe and Aunt clara would have ventured out to buy my little man a pair of shoes and would have loved to tease me about this one! Still and all, I think Jesus probably  loves my little man much more b/c he was on a mission to go to religion with or without shoes!