Friday, September 25, 2009

Don't forget to tell those you love:

I love you! 


What is that word? PERFECT????? Why do we stress to be that word so darn much? Well, to me perfect is what God created in each and every one of us! The perfect part about us is that he created us in our very own unique way! The crooked smile that you have Ethan is still so perfect to me, The struggles you have in school Gage are still so perfect to me, That stong-minded-stubborness Ady is still so perfect to me! Perfection doesn't come from wanting what the other person has or has done! Perfection comes from within and accepting who we are, where we're going, and what we are going to do with what God has given us! Thank you God for making us perfect in our own little way! 

The puzzle!

There are so many pieces of the puzzle! It's our job to put those pieces together, make it fit just perfectly, make it shine, and look pretty! When the pieces fall apart, it's our job to find those pieces, mend them, and put them all back together so the entire picture can be laid out right in front of us! We can try and glue it, keep it all in one place, but what good would that do? How fun would that be? Gosh, life has so many pieces of that big giant puzzle! I want my puzzle scattered all over the place! I want my kids to enjoy every little piece of it! I want them to have big challenges, big dreams, little dreams, tiny pieces, shiny pieces, dull pieces! Life...........the puzzle keeps are challenging us every day! Enjoy life kids! I love you!

The little memories and then the bigger ones!

I'ts the little memories that linger in my head! The little steps, the small smiles, the little laughs, the small cuts, the hurt feelings, the little joys, the  little taste of something special, the little kiss, ................oh, such the joys of motherhood! The little things that are all bottled up into one that creates the whole picture! My little ones are growing , and with growth comes the bigger ones!