Thursday, July 30, 2009


Halloween, our favorite time of the year! The time when we can be anybody we want to be just for one night! The ghost, goblins, pirates, queens, witches, and idols are out on this night! Have fun and imagine who you want to be!

Andre and Ady

Adyson Claire Folse

Monster trucks

The monster truck show! Mom, bring us to see the monster trucks! We want to see how fast and how much they can destroy! Please mommy we have to go!


Follow the tracks, the stars, the paths, the roads......follow the road less traveled may reap better rewards!

She's one!

Where has the time gone? My little princess in one years old in this picture! 

check out this pose!

Yes, It's a real snake!

Ethan's 6 year old birthday party! It was a reptile party!

Brother and Sister

In this pic is Ros, Andre's sister and seated next to her is his brother Moises! Next in the pic is Andre then his cousin Johnathan!