Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Slow people make the traffic jam, fast people make life zoom by, fun people make a party worth while, loving people leave an imprint on your heart, mean people slice your heart into pieces, kind people help to put a smile back on your face, ugly people have to look in the mirror every day, pretty people just love to look in the mirror, happy people sometimes aren't really happy, sad people just forgot how to be happy, intelligent people are always looking for the answers to questions, dumb people just sit back and relax, crazy people have others thinking that they are sane when it's really not the case, morbid people just understand death a little better than us, religious people think they have found God, Nasty people only get a little nastier, helpless people sometimes need help, but usually need to help themselves first, sick people need a helping hand always! Look at yourself in the mirror.......what kind of person are you? Does it really matter? People just make the world a better place!