Saturday, July 18, 2009

MY Little Fat Girl!

Fat cheeks, fat little legs and arms......makes me wanna pinch you! I don't remember you being so chunky! Rest peacfully my little queen!


When I look at this picture the only thought that comes to my mind is "Priceless"....Look at the glow in their eyes! Happiness comes finally after filling that missing hallow space in your heart! Andre looks so much like his dad.....who would have known that there was someone just like you living half way around the world! You guys look breathtaking together! The puzzle is complete!

The Special One

Any man can be a father, but It takes a special man to be a dad! Thanks Andre for being that special dad! They both know that they are loved!

Let The Rhythm Move You!

Like I have said before, let the rhythm move you and don't forget to dance! I'm usually the first one out on the dance floor ready to buggy! I'm not gonna be that 70 or 80 year old woman wishing I could have danced when I was younger! I'm gonna tell stories to my grandchildren(if God permits) about how I danced and loved to dance when I was younger! Don't forget to laugh with others while you dance and laugh at yourself! Have fun, enjoy life, and smother the ones around you with lots of love is so much more rewarding than receiving love!


Saturdays! Oh, how I enjoy Saturday....the day to sleep late and cuddle, the day to be lazy and drag butt! Nothing like a big cup of coffee or two on a Saturday morning just like my grandma used to make for me! My coffee is a sugar rush....2 spoons of sugar and lots of evaporated milk...PET brand of course! There is nothing like the smell of fresh cut grass on a saturday morning or the sound of the rain falling outside that gives it more of a sense of.........relaxation! The smell of fried beignets really adds a touch of "New Orleans" to my house.....oh how I love those beignets! Later we'll fry some fish and swim in the pool with the kids! Enjoy your Saturday, make it your day, the day for you to relax and enjoy what you love doing!