Monday, August 3, 2009

Andre, did I tell you that "I love you" today? Well, " I love you" !!!!!!!!!!!! ...and tomorrow too, and the day after, and the day after that! 
If I can't have your whole heart, I would not want it at all!!!!!!!!! Remember this later in life when you are in a relationship! These are strong words! But, also remember.........if you can't give your whole heart, the rewards will not be so great! 

Time is flying by!Oh

OH, where is the time going little ones? I just blinked my eyes and you've all grown up so fast! It wasn't so long ago that I cradled you in my arms and stayed up with you all night! We sat in the chair and listened while the others slept the night away, or we watched the same late night T.V. shows over and over with one eye closed, and the other open. The feeling of baby-soft-skin and the scent of baby lotion lingers in my mind! Oh, to be a baby again, full of innocence, and the "not knowing"! Yes, where is time going, and where is it taking all of us? Which chapter in our book are we living now? How many more pages are there? Is it safe to turn the page? Time is in God's hands.............