Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Little Southern Bell

My little girl is turning into a little Southern Bell and doesn't mind wearing the pretty dresses and pretty shoes. Yet, she still knows how to get her feet full of mud and her hair tangled in knots. Instead of running after her, I run with her . Instead of telling her no, I tell her yes you can :) She's all about sucking the bone marrow out of life before it sucks her up first. She's all about having fun when others are not. She's in her own little world, in her own place in time , a time we'd all like to be in just for a moment. She kisses and hugs with kindness , yet at the same time, she will let you know what's on her mind :) She loves the rain, and loves playing in the rain, but what kid does not? I hope as she grows , she won't mind the mud, the rain, and a couple of knots in her hair. I hope she continues to suck the bone marrow out of life, but gives in return . I hope my little Southern Bell  is happy in everything she will do in life. Love you Ady.

Your Best Buddy,