Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Goodbye feels a little more like hello

     Imagining life without someone is hard , then it happens......" The Final Goodbye"  :(  In one blink of an eye, goodbye's are said, eyes close, and one last breath is taken. In that very moment we forget about who we are , where we are, and where we are going. Why does it have to hurt? Why does the pain have to last so long? Why can't we see that precious face again? As humans, we want every single moment to be perfect. If we could capture that perfect moment and freeze it  forever in time . If we could hold the person we love , ...."ALWAYS ".  If we could just see them smile one last time, so we could smile back in return. If we could say  "I love you so much" and hear it in return one more time :)  " If" is such a big word isn't  it?
     Now, the table is turned. Our loved one has said goodbye, eyes close, one last breath is taken. He or she is pain free, the soul is full, full of the  love that has been gathered all throughout life, full of moments and memories, full of pretty faces and smiles .  Now, life seems so much easier. Goodbye feels a little more like hello.