Saturday, December 5, 2009

The excitement of Christmas around the corner, the buzz about the possibility of snow in Louisiana, Christmas lights, the smell of bonfires, the smell of a roux and yummy gumbo's in the making, and a nice sip of "hot chocolate" really adds to the holiday cheer! There is nothing better than snuggling with my little one's when the weather is cold and rainy! Their little eyes become big eyes filled with excitement as we tell them stories about Santa Clause and his soon-to-be trip heading from the North Pole all the way to South Louisiana! The house turns from ordinary to magical as Christmas draws near, and my little ones add on to the Christmas Cheer! But, in all of this holiday madness and cheer, we have to stop, sit back and remember that Christ was born on this day and remind ourselves and the little ones why we are really celebrating! Oh, and don't forget to give a little thanks for our warm houses, blankets, heaters, food on the table, loves ones to snuggle with..............and last but not least, the love that fills the air! Happy Holidays guys! Don't forget to pay forward a little Christmas cheer by giving to others from your heart to theirs!