Thursday, October 15, 2009

Family Tradition

Here in the south in our little small community of  Vacherie(where everyone knows every little thing about you and more) we have so many family traditions! The holidays are right around the corner! First comes halloween and  there is nothing better than our halloween block party! Next comes Thanksgiving and the entire family comes to my house! We deep fry turkey and everyone brings their favorite dish! Oh, lets not forget about the beer and wine  and Mrs. Clause( yes for thanksgiving)!!! Next comes Christmas time! Parties Parties Parties! We have so much to look forward to........Bonfires, gumbos, baked everything, jambalaya, my cousins christmas eve party with bonfire, Christmas day at one of our houses! Next comes New Years! For us, New years isn't dressing up and going out to big  parties, It's hanging out at a family member's house and ringing in the new year with lots of food, alcohol, and you guessed it, another bonfire! What's your family tradition? Please tell me you do have one!