Monday, November 11, 2013

One of the hardest things we have to do in life is saying goodbye to the ones we love. We are never ready to let go. It is in that final moment of death that we realize we aren't in control, and there is something bigger and better out there somewhere. Where is heaven? Is it all around us? Is it  in that big vast, blue sky that stretches far beyond our imagination? Is it a gateway thru our hearts and minds? We are never fully prepared for the emotions when a loved one dies. We often tell ourselves that we have a memory or a picture tucked away in our minds or stored on a shelf for safe keeping. For some people, that may be enough, but for others, there is always that empty void that lingers . Then there is faith. Yes, faith!!! It is that very same strong belief that keeps so many people together and keeps so many people feeling alive inside. I hope that you have faith in something! What would life be like without faith, hope, or love? I have faith that I'll be reunited with family members one day, but remember to cherish the ones you have . Tell the people who  you love that you love them on a  daily basis!