Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The last school dismissal bell of the season rings and you can hear the hustle and bustle of little feet running for their bus, and every now and then you can hear "goodbye's" and "see you over the summer" ! The buses depart while the little ones are waving goodbye and have a grin from ear to ear across their tiny little faces :) Some children will go on many adventures and vacations, while others will enjoy the comfort of their own home, and last but not least, others will have to suffer thru the heat b/c the only source of A/C was in their classroom :( , and the only food for the day was the free-meal plan at school. I'd like to think that most children's summers were like mine which included long summer days of riding bikes, playing hide-n-seek, swimming at the local swimming club, swim team, swim competition, camping, picking black berries, going to a fun sleep over at a friend's house , swimming in the lake, or just hanging out ! Enjoy the summer with your kids, and thank God every day for the little things in life that makes each summer day a little sweeter :) Instead of bitching about the heat and the entergy bill, remember that you have a nice pool to cool off in, and  an A/C to keep you cool at night! Instead of bitching about the leftovers, remember that you still have the money to buy food for your kids! Life can be so simple ..............just sit back and remember your summers when you were a kid, and introduce your child into that simple life again :)