Friday, September 24, 2010

      Doors open........To some it is a place of hope, to many it is a place of good news,  to others it is life's final journey.... the place where people  get the message to start saying their final goodbye's, or their first time hello's. The people that  I meet have more compassion for life in one single minute than any of us will have in the next 100 years. It is a place where strangers become friends, and friends become your lifeline.
      On a regular day, life's challenge would be to awake for work, get thru the morning traffic, have a stress free day, and make it home in time for dinner, etc.......but, instead the biggest challenge is to get out of bed and have enough energy to walk to the bathroom. Will today be a nausea free day? Will today be the day that I say goodbye?
      Doors close........To some, the sky looks blue , the birds are flying high, the wind is blowing thru their hair, and the day is going to be a wonderful day, life has given them an awesome deck of cards. To others, the sky is dark, the sun is hiding behind the clouds, the birds feel the need to be set free, and life has not been on their side today. Will their be another day?
      Remeber to hold your loved one's close, remember to tell them how special they are, and last but not least ......enjoy life and don't take the simple things for granted......