Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Four years ago we lost a very special person at Christmas time and buried him on New Years Eve Day. For some, Christmas is a joyous occasion, and for others, it's the memory of a love one who's passed! I don't think he'd like us to sit around and mope, or to feel sorry for ourselves.To me, and to the rest of the family, Christmas is a time to gather with family and celebrate life to the fullest! It's a time to remember that Christ was born on Christmas day! I'd like to think that Paw-paw(as the kids called him) is in a better place, or what some of us would like to call our Heaven. He liked nothing more than to gather with family, cook Cajun meals, and to drink lots of homemade wine. Now, I'm in charge of drinking the wine Papaw, but I don't know how much of a great cook I am compared to you! So, when you gather with family and friends for Christmas, or if you are alone, don't forget to look around you and take a little bit of everything in. Remember to take in all of the wonderful smell of the food, the Christmas tree, the burning of a fire or candles, the scent of perfume or cologne, the sound of some one's laugh, the feeling of some one's hug, or the just presence of someone sitting in the room. Cherish the moments with loved ones, not only for the holidays, but in everyday life! Life is a gift! Merry Christmas papaw , and I hope your heaven is filled with lots of Cajun food and homemade wine...........I know mine is!