Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Bull Ride of your life!

Life has it's many challenges and mountains to climb! Sometimes there will be obstacles that seem too overwhelming at times, but oh well, that's life! Remember to try your best and always give 100% b/c the rewards of trying are always better than the rewards of receiving or winning! Remember to accept defeat with the grace of a woman or the strength of a man! Ride that bull in life, and when it's being bull-headed, face it head on! Love you lots Gage, Ethan, and Adyson!

Life is like a Taco!

Sometimes life is at it's best when you have so many things piled up at one time! There's the taco shell that "keeps everything in place", the tomatoes that are so tangy and full of "all that jazz", the lettuce that "keeps us cool inside", the cheese that" helps us stick together", and the sour cream which "reminds us of the good things in life"! Don't forget to eat your taco with everything piled high on it! 


Ahh, Hot summer days, mud pies, barbie bikes, picking black berries, talking to my dog, swimming, camping, dolls, barbie dolls, playing with homemade boats in the ditch after a rain, playing in the rain, slipping-n-sliding in mud puddles, singing the Grease soundtrack and acting out every part! Memories of childhood linger in my mind, and some I have to be reminded of as I get older. Childhood helps to mold us into who we become! Let your children play, imagine, get dirty, play in the rain, ride a bike as fast as they can, and don't forget to keep them safe! You're only a child once, so let it be good memories!


The excitement, the hustle and bustle of packing, the thought of "I can't wait to get there", the kids in the back seat saying "are we there yet?", the time to relax and be at peace from the rest of the fast-paced world! Nothing is like going on vacation with your family and visiting exciting, new, and sometimes old and familiar places! I have such good memories of florida, jamaica, California, Chicago, Alabama, Mississippi, Peru etc......
Don't forget to travel kids! Travel as much as you can and enjoy life, and if you can't afford to travel when you are older, travel in your minds, read about it, and make your surroundings a never-ending-vacation spot! Love You!