Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Special Needs Children and Adults

Remember that special needs children is celebrated March 22-26th. I'm sure one of you may know a special needs child, or a special needs adult. So Many people are blinded by their " so called perfect" lifestyles that they don't stop to think about someone else's life. Imagine a life with a child who is in need of being fed thru a feeding tube, being suctioned thru a tracheostomy , having diapers changed at least 8 times a day, being dependent on you 24/7, needing constant medical attention, needing constant medication therapy, and last but not least needing endless love! Some children or adults may be verbal or nonverbal, and some may even walk and "appear normal" and go throughout life being called "the slow, retarded, or even stupid one" ! Lets Remember to take those words out of our vocabulary and be a little nicer and have empathy! Sometimes I think that these children are our "reminders" and blessings from GOD, letting us know that life is not perfect! These children or adults are so innocent, always have a smile on their face, and never have to know the evil in this world ! Remember, they count on us to keep it that way! So, next time you see someone and want to say the Retarded, slow, or stupid word..........Think to yourself, how can I make this person's world a little happier or safer! God Bless Everyone!