Friday, July 17, 2009

Yes, It's A Girl!

Adyson Claire Folse 
23inchesThe first baby girl born in our family! Do you think she will be spoiled?????

It's All About The Ride!

Life is all about the ride! Sometimes it's not how you get there, but how fast you get there! 

There's No Place Like Home

We haven't seen you in a while ..............

Hello Papa,

MY Little Men!

You two are just growing so fast! This Pic was taken 4 years ago, and oh how you've grown! Stay kind to each other, remember to watch over one another! Before you know it, you will both be grown men and out in the world on your own!


At night, when I just can't go anymore, when everyone in the house is asleep except me(because I am the hyper one) feels so good just to listen to the "quiet" in the house! The humming of the AC, the dishwasher running, the dog snoring, the ice machine dumping ice........just the stillness or creaking of the walls is so relaxing! Oh, but how life continues while we sleep! I watch ady sleeping and cuddling in my bed....I wonder "are you having good dreams"? Usually, Ethan is lurking around a corner waiting to jump into our little slumber party! Gage is upstairs all by his lonesome and I can hear the T.V.  with some cartoon on ............AHHHH, relaxation until morning!

Where Has All The Time Gone?

You guys are growing so fast! Remember to stay young at heart and dream big dreams! I love you guys!

The Gabel Boys!

Family, Male bonding, Generations! What can I say! It took 30 years for them to meet.....But It seemed like they have been knowing each other all the while!

Andre and Grandpa Moises

This is how Andre will look in a couple of years!

Rosa Gabel Andre's Grandma In Peru

The Wise One!

Andre's Grandpa in Peru Moises.

Such serious thoughts! 

The Magical Horse Ride!

The sparkle, the colors, the beauty of the carousel lures everyone to ride! Nothing is more appealing than a magical horse ride and the music in the background. People old and young still wait in line to ride! Grab your magical horse Gage and  Ethan and hold it tight and ride through life!

Peek a Boo!

Hello Ethan ! I see you back there! Peek-a-boo! This pic was supposed to be for Gage only, but of course, the little camera hogs had to jump right in! I'll get you by yourself next time Gage!

And She sleeps!

These are my special moments! The times when I can hold you and watch you sleep! God knows you don't like to be held down! You are always on the go, always on the move! Watch out here comes adyson life....she does not rest often! When I look at your little face I'm amazed at how beautiful you are! Thank you God for my little girl!


Family vacations, being together, trying new things, exploring new places, eating new foods, meeting different people, ............Just being together says it all! Love you guys and my little gal!


Did you meat anyone new today? If you didn't, you didn't venture out and pay attention.....I met an old lady today! Not only was she an old lady, but she was so happy! She had a huge, contagious smile on her face! All I could think of was "what makes this woman so happy"? The question is what makes you happy? Is it a loved one, your children, friends, a co-worker, a cup of coffee, a pet, a bag of chips, a slice of pizza, that special blanket or pillow, the car that you drive? All of these things are part of our everyday lives, but we don't slow down enough to stop, look around, pay attention and really think "what or who  has made me happy today"? Oh, and don't forget to thank someone for making your day a little more merrier! Thanks old lady!