Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sitting on the throne

The door is locked and here comes one knock and a little voice , "mommy get off the toilet I need to get something"! Here comes another voice screaming, " mom, can you bring me to the store"! Here comes another voice,  "mom, I want chocolate milk" !!! The easiest thing in my life was once to sit on the throne , but now has turned into a challenging daily activity! Not only is it challenging, but you gotta love it when the 7 year old answers the phone and tells the other person on the line that "mom is on the toilet" !  Yes, person on the other end of the line, I am on the throne and I really don't feel like talking to you or the little monsters trying to beat the door down for chocolate milk or other necessities! Mommy wants to be queen of the throne just for one minute !!!!! Last but not least, when I think that the banging on the door, the screaming for chocolate milk, the announcement of mom sitting on the throne to the unknown caller, and the need to go to the store is quite bad, I'm simply told by my seven year old that my "poop stinks"! Well, I hate to tell you little fellow, " yours does too" ! So, next time you are sitting on the throne , just remember that you are not alone! lol!